Meet Harry, your team’s recruitment assistant.

Harry is a customizable recruiting chatbot that uses artificial intelligence.

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Harry Makes Recruiting Simple

Harry handles time exhausting tasks like phone screening and interview scheduling, freeing recruiters to focus on qualified candidates and converting hires.

He creates rich candidate profiles and integrates with your ATS so your team can make quicker decisions and spend more time closing hires.

Best Candidate Experience

During the recruiting process, you need to build relationships with candidates and make them happy. Harry will help you provide the best candidate experience.

Focus on qualified candidates

Our AI-powered software generates more qualitative leads while reducing the pile and gives your team more time to invest in top candidates.


Together with academics, we built our recruiting offer on the best available scientific evidence.

Provide the best candidate experience

Job Search

Allow your candidates to find jobs that suit their skills and experience through chat.


Give candidates a reason to recommend your company to other applicants or their peers.


Candidates apply by uploading their CV, by building a custom profile to suit their application or by recording short audio or video applications.


Empower your recruitment team to focus on the candidates that can make a difference by pre-screening every application.


Ongoing Feedback

Provide better feedback to applicants and gather valuable feedback for recruiters.


Automatically answer frequently asked questions about your company 24/7, improving your employer brand.

Schedule Meetings

Automatically schedule online interviews with qualified candidates immediately after their application.

Online interview

Integration with award-winning sound and video technology helps reduce interviewing time from 5 hours to just over 2, on average.

Deploy Harry on Multiple Platforms

Freeing recruiters to focus on qualified candidates and converting hires.

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