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A good teacher is worth his weight in gold, but keeping tabs on every single student all the time is pretty much impossible. So why not rely on digital experiences to improve student care? Together with Imec and the principal at the Sint-Lievenscollege, Steven Ronsijn, we've created Sensei: a personalized study buddy!
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What did we do?

Front- & Backend

What's been bothering them?

Teachers nowadays are tasked with providing more personal feedback to their students. This is a very time-consuming task, and it’s nigh-impossible for a teacher to be on top of things all the time. Because obviously not every student is the same; their need for focus or guidance differs greatly depending on their current skill level. So how can we offer personal guidance to an entire classroom of students?

How did we fix it?

The job to be done? Allow students to get personal follow-ups during their studies. With limited resources, we developed a progressive web application (PWA) that’s able to interpret study sheets and generates a personalized learning experience as a result. It indicates focal points for students, helps them grow skills and allows them to plan study time to reach their goals. On top of all that, we’ve also introduced a bespoke conversational interface, lowering the threshold for students to ask for help.

What are the results?

Thanks to this study companion, we were able to greatly scale personal teacher feedback. Furthermore, students can now take a greater level of ownership of their own progress besides regular classes. It gives them a personalized, interactive alternative to further improve necessary skills and reach their goal at end of each school year.

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What did the process look like?

Moving fast is our trademark, and what allows us to create better experiences, faster, is our process. Pushing bounderies with limited resources during the design sprint week. Together with the school principal, we ended up with a full-fledged study buddy after only four execution sprints. Mission accomplished, both students and teachers embraced our digital-first approach from the start!

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“Chatbot technology can offer great opportunities”

“We are certainly willing to see how this can be rolled out to other schools. Also in terms of language, the chatbot can offer great opportunities to support non-Dutch-speaking students if, for example, we let the chatbot ask questions in their native tongue as well.”

— Steven Ronsijn, Principal Sint-Lievenscollege

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