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Doing things fast, yet one step at a time. That should be your philosophy when it comes to building apps, websites, chatbots, platforms... We forgot which philosopher said this, but the only thing you can be sure about in life, is the fact that you're not sure. And death, probably. We don't know, we're no experts.

The thing is, nobody has all the answers. Every idea for a product or service sits on a set of assumptions. Your job is to then turn these assumptions into facts, by testing them.

That's the recipe for success. Otherwise you'll end up like Cosmopolitan. Back in '99, the women's magazine thought launching a yogurt brand was a good idea...

What we feel you should be doing, is thinking in assumptions instead of features, and iterate on your product as much and as fast as possible.

Here's what we do at every stage, with every client:

πŸ‘‰ What's currently the most critical assumption about the product?

πŸ‘‰ What's the smallest experiment we can do to test this assumption?

This creates a powerful loop that eventually ends in a product that people love using.


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