Over 95% of digital products fail, and how to make sure yours doesn't.

It can get pretty overwhelming in the digital product scene. Not only do you need to have impeccable UX that hits your KPIs while staying on brand. You also need to keep your team aligned, handle management, and stay on budget. So how do you ever get anything done when it feels you're just jumping from meeting to meeting?

Luckily for you, there is a framework that can give you pristine clarity. Get ready to know exactly what to do at the right time while making it look effortless. Time to take massive action, and own your role as a digital leader.

We're not here to share some overhyped, bs productivity hacks. We're here to share frameworks used by companies like Google and Facebook and backed by the latest science. These are the blueprints we use every day in our digital product studio. They work.

What you will learn:

🎯 How Google prioritizes its product backlog to continually build the right thing. If you consistently want to know exactly what to do next, this is for you.

⚡️ How to align your entire team on doing the right thing without having to spend countless hours in meetings.

🔮 How to discover the exact features your users want, without writing a single line of code (even if you don't have any users yet).

💌 How to get buy-in and trust from management for new product ideas. Done are the days where you have to act like a politician instead of a product leader.

🖇 Discover the psychological process that hooks people, and turns your product into a habit. Your retention will never be the same.

Stef & Gil Nimmegeers:

Early in their careers, they witnessed first-hand the complacency and ineffectiveness of innovation processes at corporations and SMEs. Convinced there's a better way to drive digital innovation, they founded Bothrs.

Since then, they've helped banks, supermarket chains, telecommunication providers, health insurers... drive innovation and build digital products.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021


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