Making innovation happen against all odds.

Unfortunately, once a company reaches a certain level of maturity, innovation doesn't come as easy anymore. Organizational structures keep expanding, yet there's rarely a system in place for acting on new ideas.

At the same time, failing to innovate can and will leave you limping behind competitors who are soaring, simply because they decided to update their business model. So what's stopping these companies? What exactly is suppressing the need and want for innovation?

😭 No clue how to get started, or bring together the right people.

😭 Having a hard time getting support from higher-ups.

😭 There just isn't a process in place for innovation.

😭 Tons of projects are already over budget and overdue.

When you're trying to push an innovation project, you'll most likely be met with some pretty fierce headwinds. Regardless even of what's mentioned above. Whoever has the decision-making power, might ask you one or more of the following questions:

👉 How can we create space for an experiment like that?

👉 Who will be held accountable for all this?

👉 How are we supposed fund a project without any clue of its ROI?

👉 How do we even set milestones for teams working on this project?

Luckily, there are real and actionable answers to these questions, that's what's this webinar is for. For it's Bothrs' literal mission to help make digital innovation and ventures happen, to make corporates work like start-ups again.

After this webinar, you'll walk away with a fresh perspective on getting things done in the context of a complex organization. You'll have the necessary knowledge and tools at your disposal to become an advocate for change yourself.

Stef Nimmegeers, co-founder of Bothrs, has plenty of first-hand experience with the shortcomings and pitfalls of many large organizations and businesses alike. He knows where people tend to throw a wrench in the gears. He has dedicated all his energy to the creation of a company that combats this, and helps teams work together and get shit done outside the constraints of their company.

Dries Vaesen, workshop facilitator extraordinaire, is the guy you're looking for when starting a new digital experience project. Because getting people together in a room is one thing, it's another to guide them towards a first prototype and have their business idea validated as quickly as possible. With dozens of workshops under his belt, he knows how to get people to collaborate effectively.

Registration is completely free and open to everybody!


Thursday, June 11, 2020


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