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This is how we do 😎

In short, we’re a tight group of strategists, designers, and engineers. Our main goal is building whatever is necessary to make our clients’ businesses grow and making the lives of their customers a little easier. And we’re quick about it, too.

Put more concretely, we’ve got several agile product teams working directly with clients to continuously shape and build the digital product that’s perfect for their needs. Go to market ASAP, then start iterating for maximum impact. Long-lasting partnerships with our clients is what we're after.

Making those partnerships happen requires two things. Number one is just straight up listening to what our clients tell us; having a deep understanding of their challenges. Number two, keeping an ear to the ground; following up on trends, best practices, and spotting opportunities for growth early on. And everybody can contribute to this, that's the beauty of it.

Expect a dynamic environment filled with young and ambitious people. We leave room for people to learn and grow on the job, and we don't do timesheets either. We believe everyone has their own rhythm to become the best version of themselves, and expectations are managed accordingly.

Spilling the beans 📢

Of course, companies don't turn into clients by themselves. If only it were that simple. In a nutshell, a business development representative (BDR) is someone who applies those same two principles, only now you'll be talking to prospects instead.

Let’s cut to the chase. Over the past few months, we’ve been ramping up our team size quite substantially, which means we can take on more projects, implying we can attract more clients. Put one and two together and you can imagine why we’re looking for some more firepower in the sales department. So, we’re looking for a Business Development Representative with strong community management skills, building and maintaining Bothrs’ online community and prospect pipeline.

A BDR plays one of the most important roles in the entire sales process. This guy, gal, or non-binary pal is the first person in line to reach out to potential clients, and keep the conversation going to win them over. In business terms, that means prospecting, cold outreach, lead qualification and nurturing. Let’s reiterate, but with bullet points this time:

  • You’ll be serving as the face of the company, with LinkedIn as your principal tool. You like nothing more than building new relationships by keeping a close eye on our social pages, introducing people to each other and being truly engaged in commenting on relevant conversations, articles,...
  • You are the first point of contact for all new prospects, you develop your sales funnel and pilot your leads through the pipeline in a timely manner.
  • You’ll conduct baseline research to identify and reach out to important accounts that have a perfect fit with our ICP.
  • You’ll be responsible for qualifying and activating inbound leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities (chasing for calls as well as nurturing).
  • You explore new and creative ways to generate leads. We’ll support you in conducting experiments and growth hacks you feel are worth trying.
  • You’ll be setting up a business development plan to help achieve goals and sales targets as a team.
  • You make sure any kind of feedback from clients or others about our services reaches the product team.

Are you that somebody? 🤔

We all have to start somewhere. Which is why passion and eagerness to learn are things we look for the most. But, just to reiterate, if you’re unsure whether you’re up to the task, here are some soft and hard skills that will definitely help you land this job:

  • As an excited tech startup geek you’ve got a first working experience in a similar BDR position, preferably in a startup digital studio, SaaS or digital product industry.
  • You’re a social butterfly who loves to build relationships and gets energized by engaging with people. You have a natural tendency to post and engage on social media.
  • You can identify tech and company challenges through client research and working together with the strategy team.
  • Your ability to pass judgement and make quick decisions is on point.
  • A lean mindset and experience with working in sprints shouldn’t be new to you.
  • You can express yourself clearly and eloquently, regardless of the medium.
  • You’re very fluent in English, both verbally and in writing. Second or third languages are a plus.
  • Hard work doesn’t deter you, you’re a go-getter.
  • You’re a curious person always looking to learn new things.

Bringing it home 🚀

Believe us when we say our team of heroes means the world to us. Simply put, we care about three things: personal growth, having high impact, and getting paid. It’s hard to get a company to thrive if the people in it can’t grow along with it. And you can’t force personal growth either; so where does the motivation to learn and grow come from? That’s right, it’s knowing your efforts are making a difference. Every day, we want you to leave the office with a sense of accomplishment. Oh yeah, and a nice paycheck also helps.

Does this sound like you?
  • Where
    Ghent, Belgium
  • What
    Business Development Representative
  • Commitment
    Full-Time Position

Good to know:

  • 🎯
    We focus on creating focus
    Nobody can be productive with a completely fragmented schedule. That's why our teams create full weeks of focus, dedicated to a single project, goal, or outcome. We only do things that matter.
  • 💪
    Small teams, huge individual impact
    Each product team at Bothrs has like, 5 people in it, tops. And they get to collaborate directly with clients. We're actually building and launching stuff instead of getting involved with politics.
  • 🥇
    We leave room for personal growth
    Becoming the best version of yourself at Bothrs is a two-way street. That's why we invest hundreds of thousands each year into courses, coaching, and internal R&D weeks.
  • 🎛
    Staying mindful about workloads
    A fast-paced environment sounds almost synonymous with a poor work-life balance. But we've learned that longer hours don't equate to better results, so we steer clear of overtime.
  • 🥰
    A group of caring, like-minded people
    Everyone around here is equally passionate, perfectionistic, and horny for efficiency. Our culture revolves around improving people's quality of life, and that includes our own teams.
  • 🎤
    Radically candid feedback, always
    Proper collaboration means everyone provides and receives feedback that is honest and constructive. Even our own clients may have their ideas challenged by us.

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