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About us 👋

We are two brothers, passionate and energized by digital experiences and conversational solutions. Standing next to us; a team of technical wizkids, designing superstars and lion-hearted project managers that live by their kanban views.

Together, we tackle the digital challenges of today and tomorrow. And who knows, you might just be the one joining us on that crusade!

About you☝️

You are the omni-channel overlord of content creating, our rockstar prophet to spread the "Jab, Jab, Jab - Right Hook" message and love to document the absolute hell out of your experiences ('cause document>create).

Nailing copywriting like a minigun, shooting content that matters to the place it matters and looking forward to write the next chapter of the fairytale called Bothrs.

Are you ready to start kicking ass with us? Let's see your motivation, hear your roaring hunger for more and feel your passion when it comes to creating the hook we've all been waiting for.

Pop over an email, click the chatbubble, scan the interwebs for our phone number, reach the hell out!

(We love seeing what you've been up to, so feel free to get us some insights in you!)

Does this sound like you?
  • Where
    Ghent, Belgium
  • What
    Social Marketeer
  • Commitment
    Full-Time Position
  • Remote okay


Let's talk about what's in it for you (apart from being part of our awesome team of heroes, of course).
  • 🤟
    Dynamic Team
    We hear you, another boring (insert synonym for buttocks) office… *sigh*. Well that’s where we will blow your mind with our badass team of demigod heroes. We’d love for you to experience this for yourself!
  • 🇧🇪
    Ghent Based
    With true Belgian roots (not at all a requirement), where to better work than Ghent? A medieval looking city, with knowledge for decades and a friendly yet boosting cadence. Welcome!
  • 🌎
    Remote Work
    Not an office type of person? Or no true sporty spice on the bike? No issue, even though we’re fond of seeing you, we are unconditionally fine with some good old working from home (or the coffee bar around the corner).
  • ✈️
    Company Trips
    But how to ge that creative unicorn dust restacked… Well since exploring the world is our hobby, we are in love with company trips! Don’t miss out ;)
  • 💥
    High Impact
    Every nanosecond of that brain processing power gets turned into marvellous products that create high value for our fans (let’s not call’m customers). Great stuff!
  • 💸
    Great Pay
    All of that hard work has to pay off right? So what about that cold hard cash in the bank? We’ll take care of your splurges, by serving you some soothing euro’s (or any other currency you prefer).

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Social Marketeer