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Brainstorm sessions and meetings rarely make things tangible on the short term. Company hierarchy and politics can turn innovation into a rough, uphill battle. Taking risks as a business comes with a price tag attached to it, one that some people aren't willing to pay. Designing and developing anything takes up a lot of time. If fate would even allow it in the first place.

And sometimes, you just don't know how to get started...

I could go on but you get the idea. Luckily, there's a way around all that. And sure, people can act patronizing towards workshops. But they teach this stuff at NASA, that's not a joke. Go ask Jake Knapp. The design sprintis a great tool for risk-averse teams who want to validate a set of assumptions that are crucial to a project's viability.

The secret? Mimicking app functionality by using design and prototyping tools like Figma, no coding required!

🤔 Want to re-design your ecommerce store? Design sprint.
🤔 Want to create a healthcare application? Design sprint.
🤔 Hotel? Trivago.

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