Every day is a good day
to make shit happen.

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Making a difference.

It's tempting to channel our inner Ingeborg and proclaim the products and services we build positively impact people's lives on a daily basis. But we're a more level-headed bunch. What is true though, is how much your individual efforts will impact the projects you're working on, as well as Bothrs itself. That's where the real satisfaction lies, at least in our opinion. Namasté.
What the heck is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
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Sharing is caring.

Secrets are for pansies, if there’s something valuable we learned that could give businesses a competitive edge, you can bet your buttocks we'll put it out there. Which is why we're relentless spammers on social media, and why we love organizing a good meet-up and the occasional webinar. Even during lunch time, the knowledge-sharing doesn't stop. Don't worry though, we don't talk business 24/7 either; we're still human.
What the heck is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
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One happy family.

We’re a group of passionate nerds and nerdettes that have been given all the necessary support, trust and freedom to do the job we love, and get better at it, too. Us privileged millennials have freed ourselves from the typical corporate constraints and have managed to instead foster a culture that encourages you to give it your all, and keep learning.
What the heck is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
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Available Careers

What's in it for you

  • 🤟
    Dynamic Team
    We hear you, another boring (insert synonym for buttocks) office… *sigh*. Well that’s where we will blow your mind with our badass team of demigod heroes. We’d love for you to experience this for yourself!
  • 🇧🇪
    Ghent Based
    With true Belgian roots (not at all a requirement), where to better work than Ghent? A medieval looking city, with knowledge for decades and a friendly yet boosting cadence. Welcome!
  • 🌎
    Remote Work
    Not an office type of person? Or no true sporty spice on the bike? No issue, even though we’re fond of seeing you, we are unconditionally fine with some good old working from home (or the coffee bar around the corner).
  • ✈️
    Company Trips
    But how to get that creative unicorn dust restacked… Well since exploring the world is our hobby, we are in love with company trips! Don’t miss out ;)
  • 💥
    High Impact
    Every nanosecond of that brain processing power gets turned into marvellous products that create high value for our fans (let’s not call’m customers). Great stuff!
  • 💸
    Great Pay
    All of that hard work has to pay off right? So what about that cold hard cash in the bank? We’ll take care of your splurges, by serving you some soothing euro’s (or any other currency you prefer).