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Solve big problems and validate ideas in just four days.
You already got what it takes

You just need the right process

Even with the most talented team, the best tools and all the motivation in the world, if the process itself doesn’t allow you to keep development moving, chances are you’ll get stuck somewhere down the road. That’s where we come in; we’ve streamlined and time-boxed our discovery, build and launch phase down to the minute, ensuring alignment, validation and speed right from the get-go.

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The process

A four-phase, time-constrained process to help you validate a variety of new things — including features, complete solutions, and markets.


Map, Focus & Ideate

We like to start at the end by agreeing to a long-term goal. We'll create a map of the challenge by asking field experts to share what they know. When arriving at the end of the morning, we will be ready to pick an ambitious but manageable piece of the problem that we will solve within the week.


Select & Storyboard

We'll start Tuesday with a stack of solutions. By critiquing and filtering solutions, we ease the path towards the best chance of achieving our business objectives. With the remaining solutions we create a storyboard in which we will line out a step-by-step plan of what our solution is going to look like.


Design, Build & Prototype

“Fake it till you make it” is exactly what we will be doing on Wednesday. Using our storyboard from Tuesday, we will start building a realistic prototype that focuses on the customer facing product. By finishing this façade, we ready ourselves within the day to start testing our clients insights on Thursday.


User Testing & Final Feedback

Monday morning gave us a duet of two elements: a big challenge and an excellent team. Today is Thursday and here we are: promising solutions that were built into a realistic prototype. We’ll take you one step further by interviewing real life customers to learn from their reactions as they test our prototype. Thursday evening will then bring us to knowing exactly where to go next to end up launching this product.

Feel free to drop us a line if you want to know more, or if you're ready to join forces!

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Traditionally, solving a large business challenge takes months of going back and forth between different stakeholders. Brainstorms are chaotic and fluffy, too many opinions make for an uncertain and undefined outcome. Due to this internal complexity - the last thing you do is involve the end-user.

Wouter Baert
DTC Manager at Edgard & Cooper