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Last week we talked about how there's a need for a process that allows for a mix of experimentation and execution within companies. But how to manage things when a new idea takes off for real? 🤔

Managing intrapreneurs can be tough. Like, no joke.

They can be disruptive, things can get political. They may even invite conflict and mistrust. By all means, managing these people is a challenge 😤

Yet, companies should encourage intrapreneurship. Knowing that internal projects can grow to become standalone products or services, will definitely motivate people to keep working at it, and promotes an experimental mindset 🤩

Here are some rough guidelines on managing intrapreneurs. One thing that's left out, is that the intrapreneur himself, or herself, should be very aware of the company culture and brand, and should know how to operate within that environment 🤓

How do you guys feel about intrapreneurship?

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