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If you're not competing on price or product, you're competing on experience. Building an ecommerce experience that sells, is hard.

It needs to be:

πŸ‘‰ Hyper-personalized
πŸ‘‰ Omnichannel
πŸ‘‰ Beautiful

All of that to increase your CLTV and to create that "AHA" moment. CLTV, of course, depends heavily on cart size, retention, and conversion. Revamping your website and increasing your KPIs can be overwhelming. That's why we prefer to start small.

Instead of spending years on building functions we don't need. We build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) instead. It's the smallest, functional version of a product/ feature. We build these super fast to validate that we're on the right track.

We put them in front of the users and see how it affects their behavior. So we're sure we're impacting our KPIs. IIf it works, we might expand on it or leave it as is and tackle the next KPI.

The key is that we can often build an MVP in a few weeks. So we iterate and deploy tons of new functions per year. Over time this allows us to improve your metrics and build experiences your customers love.

Stop guessing. Give your customers what they want, one MVP at a time.

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