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The first thing you see when you go to our website is that we're an "Experience Design Studio". If that made you roll your eyes at one point, allow us to translate. Users of digital products or services aren't the same as they were 10 years ago. The digital space has become so crowded; every company out there is fighting tooth and nail to stay relevant.

Because even a four year old study published by Fortune had already pointed out that 75% of newly downloaded apps are opened once and then never used again. So, about that experience design...

👉Great product design will get people to download your app.

👉Great experience design will make people keep using your app.

When creating a new product, customer engagement should be your top priority. Because focusing all your efforts on converting new customers equals setting a pile of cash on fire. You want engaged customers instead, keep them coming back for more!

And that's exactly the key focal point of experience design; delivering a user experience that not only connects a specific solution to a specific problem users might have, but keeps delivering value to them over time as well.

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