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We're just gonna be upfront about this, we're not wasting months worth of time and resources on market research before we start building stuff 😐

The truth is that's often just quantitative data anyway, that won't tell you how your target audience feels about your project. And our main goal is to deliver better experiences, so why bother anyway? 🧐

Market studies are often perceived as some sort of safety net. Which isn't without reason, but it's not a fail-safe either. "If we just stick to what the report says, we can't do no wrong!" If only that were true πŸ˜‚

That's why we instead rely on several 1-on-1 user interviews, where we listen to the needs and wants of our clients' customers and let them explore the respective prototype we built during our design sprint πŸ€“

That way, you get validation from real end users, and tangible data that's useful for pretty much all teams involved. What do you guys think? What's your strategy to maintain and adjust course when building a digital product?

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