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Our lives are filled with obstacles we need to overcome. In the digital space, this is no different... My ads aren't converting! The bounce rate of my website is too damn high! People need to understand why my product is the best! I need more loyal customers! The list goes on... Statements like that are of no help to anyone. Imagine you put those statements on a whiteboard during a meeting. Not exactly inviting for people to brainstorm some solutions now, is it?

To avoid that, you might want to consider reframing your challenges into opportunities.

But not to make them sound more optimistic.

What it can do, is alter people's perspective and put them into a more solution-oriented mindset!

Our weapon of choice, is rephrasing challenges as "How Might We"-questions. We use this method all the time during meetings and design sprints, to make challenges appear more tangible.

Not every "How Might We" is created equal though. You want one that is broad enough to offer a wide range of solutions yet narrow enough to set some boundaries. More on that later.

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