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Content marketing is hard, that won't surprise anyone. But setting aside your own assumption and just keep creating and publishing is also harder than it looks 😔

The best and worst thing about social media is that there are no real rules as to what makes content stick like hot glue and spread like wildfire. So how the frick do I figure out what kind of content I should make for my brand then? 🧐

Experiment. That's it. Put stuff out there and let your audience decide whether it's valuable to them or not. Whatever you think your audience will enjoy, is pretty much irrelevant 😩

Infamous marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk brought it up once again just yesterday. We all know the age-old debate on whether to put quality or quantity first when creating content. Well, here's a newsflash for y'all...


Long story short, you're better off spending your time creating several lean and mean experiments than pouring hours into a video or whitepaper that nobody wants to see or read. Your audience decides the winners, not you! 📣

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