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The FMCG space is changing rapidly. To give you guys an overview, here's what we think are the five most prominent trends in the industry right now:

🔥 The everlasting quest for customer convenience
🔥 Physical health becoming a greater concern for consumers
🔥 Environmental impact influencing purchase decisions
🔥 A clear want for experiences, rather than just products
🔥 Leveraging technology for greater engagement

Take the platform as an example. Its objective is getting people to eat smarter and healthier with less hassle.

It offers users tailored recipes, recommends (healthier) ingredient alternatives on the fly, lets users scan products using the app...

Then there's the newly added Eco-Score label SmartWithFood introduced; a measurement for environmental impact of products. And that's not the end of it, SmartWithFood is now looking to go even harder on the experience and engagement side of things.

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