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We're geekin' out again, so we're starting a book club! Do you like reading about business, entrepreneurship, design, and everything in between? Well, then look no further!

How does our little club work?

πŸ“– The goal for us is to connect with people who are into the same stuff as we are, exchange thoughts and learnings, and have meaningful discussions.

πŸ“– Once we got a few people signed up, we'll decide on a general category (I.E. design, marketing, biographies...) and eventually pick a single book we'd like to read within that category.

πŸ“– In the meantime, we'll be drafting an article outlining some broad questions, things we want to see clarified, points of interest, or topics for discussion.

πŸ“– Once that article is out there, members (who hopefully read the book as well) can join the discussion, offer their review, or just have a chat. Our goal is for everyone to learn by reading whatever book we pick. We want to benefit the author as well as learn something new together.

Sounds like something you'd be into? Hit us up and we'll sign you right up! In the meantime, have a taste of what we'd like to read in 2020 πŸš€


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