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Let's go shopping; an activity that's becoming more and more of digital experience. And as a digital product studio, we have to figure out what the best way would be for us to build shopping experiences.

In other words, what would be our weapon of choice to build future-proof ecommerce platforms? Because we do love a good tool.

Thus, our requirements are twofold basically: 

  • Highly customizable and expandable, so that we can reliably and consistently meet the needs of our clients and their customers.
  • Getting the barebones up and running should be pretty plug-and-play. It should also easily integrate with the client's back end.

With that in mind, Shopify quickly turned out to be the winner:

  • User-friendly, even for non-technical people
  • Easily scales to your needs, no product limits
  • Tons of themes and full control over the UI & UX
  • Higher conversion rates compared to competitors
  • Modular approach, large ecosystem of apps and integrations
  • Shopify pages are highly SEO-friendly by default
  • 24/7 support, extensive documentation available

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