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"This meeting should have been an email." It's refers to time you could have spent doing more important things. But how can you protect your time, and focus on what really matters?

Simply put, people want to accomplish goals. And with that, comes a bunch of overhead:

👉 Meetings, brainstorm sessions, presentations to the board...
👉 Drafting reports, gathering data, briefing upper management...
👉 Constantly having to email (too many) people...

This is what we call "busy work".

These are tasks that are often urgent, but not important when it comes to reaching your goals. Like getting more revenue by optimizing your online store for conversions, for instance.

When you and your team are working on a digital product or service at your company, this overhead can become so overbearing it can paralyze the whole project.

It's not easy to identify the true culprit of busywork either, there are many factors:

✋ Not having the right people on your team
✋ External bottlenecks, red tape, organizational structure
✋ Poor internal decision power and process

We've seen it happen before.

But by injecting some much needed clarity, and a proper process, you can work actual miracles.

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