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Building successful digital products goes beyond just building the right thing. Without effective collaboration across teams throughout the entire development lifecycle, you won't get very far regardless.

Over the years, Bothrs has seen clients of all shapes and sizes. And we've learned that there's no real, uniform definition of close collaboration. For the simple reason that different clients have different needs, wants, and expectations.

👉 Some clients want to be highly involved, to the point they might as well be working at our office.

👉 Others prefer to take somewhat of a back seat and just join in on our weekly demo sessions.

The challenge for us is to make both of these outliers feel equally involved and engaged. And that, of course, requires some flexibility on our end. What we're sharing below is what we think are the quintessential qualities of a team you'd love to work with.

If you guys feel like we're missing something, please let me know. We're constantly tuning our way of working, and any input or feedback is very much welcomed!

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