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Even when disregarding any kind of agile principles, having too many people in a single meeting can seriously sabotage its intended goal. Here's how many people you really need πŸ‘‡

The "two pizza rule" is probably the most delicious solution to this issue. And, while it's not a clear-cut scientific fact that 6-8 people is the perfect amount of attendees for a meeting in any context, it's still recommended to keep this in mind πŸš€

Don't take this the wrong way though, some types of meetings are great when including a ton of people. A big group setting can be a great way to bring a team together. Or, when you're checking in on an entire department for instance 😊

We're talking about meetings where tough, yet clear decisions need to be made. Think strategy, positioning, etc. These are the meetings where everyone should walk away with tangible action items 😎

What do you guys think, you reckon this is a valid rule to keep in mind?


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