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A large part of being efficient comes down to using the right tools for the job. Figjam by Figma is our latest hotshot, for multiple reasons.

In short, Figjam is Miro by Figma. It's a collaborative, digital whiteboard suited for all kinds of different workshops. Post-It lovers and user flow enthusiasts will feel right at home. While a little barebones at the moment, the fact it's so closely intertwined with Figma, our core design tool at Bothrs, makes it so much more appealing to use:

πŸ‘‰ Less account managing and billing

πŸ‘‰ Having a stronger, single place of truth

πŸ‘‰ Design compatibility between Figma and Figjam

Is it better than Miro? In terms of features, Miro still has an edge. But that might very well change in the future.

For those curious to give Figjam a go, we've created a template for a retrospective workshop for you guys to play around with. Works miles better than yet another boring meeting; we do it all the time πŸš€

Check it out here:


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