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Every challenge is an opportunity for design. Sounds like some kind of corny adage, but it's true. Better yet, framing your challenge as a "How Might We"-question will set yourself up for a more creative approach to solving problems 🚀

It's a psychological thing, really.

Instead of being a bunch of Debbie Downers by listing up an often times depressing list of problems that need fixing, why don't we reframe these from the get-go, and hint at there being solutions available regardless? 🤔

This is exactly what these "How Might We"-statements do. A properly framed HMW-question doesn’t suggest a particular solution though, but it does give you the perfect framing for innovative and creative thinking 👌

These types of questions form an integral part of the decision dash and the design sprint as well, in case you didn't know; it does work really well. Try it out during your next brainstorm session, and let us know how it went!

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