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Every time you try something new, you're experimenting. That means failure is definitely an option. Many companies don't like that idea, since trying something new is usually equated to taking a (financial) risk of some sort. Someone can suggest building a mobile app to I.E. grow your acquisition pool and create more touchpoints for your business. But doing so takes time and it's quite a spicy investment regardless.

More importantly though, you also don't know how customers will react to this. This makes it difficult for the decision-makers at your company to commit. But there's good news, too. You don't need to build the whole thing to learn whether your customers love the idea of having a mobile app or not. This is the moment where you need a prototype!

A real mobile app is basically a series of screens that are strung together, called flows. The logic responsible for making these flows work, requires coding. In Figma, you can also create these flows using their built-in prototyping tools; no coding required. You literally just connect screens to create a flow.

Additionally, your prototype can also be enhanced with animations and it's also shareable, meaning it's perfect for user interviews! In other words, you can get the answers to your leap-of-faith assumptions in just a couple days. Four days to be exact if you make it into a design sprint.

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