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The only certainty in life is uncertainty. If that sentence put you to sleep in this mind-numbingly hot weather, allow me to elaborate. What stops an idea from coming to fruition is rarely due to a lack of skill, resources, or prowess.

The problem is, new ideas are veiled in uncertainty. And that scares people.

To the extent companies are dropping fat wads of cash on preliminary market research and forecasting. And yet the solution is so simple! But companies are afraid to make mistakes, or tarnish their own reputation.

The only way to clear the air, is by validating those assumptions with your core audience as early as possible. Ideally, you'd put together a small, visual prototype of your product to test with a handful of customers. Their behavior alone will tell you everything you need to know.

This prototype can be as simple as a slideshow of a couple mobile screens of I.E. a new ecommerce shopping experience you'd like to build.

What's stopping you from running a super early user test?

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