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Let's put on our thinking caps for a minute here, I'm about to go meta. Have you ever wondered whether we'll always be interacting with technology in the same way?

🤔 Usually, there's an interface or GUI we need to navigate.
🤔 Usually, a piece of software is tied to the hardware.
🤔 Usually, it's the user that's taking all the initiative.

But what if we told you this "meta" is slowly shifting? At , we've been keeping a close eye on what we call ambient experiences, or ambient computing.The general idea is taking a digital product or service, and dispersing it in such a way it's accessible from nearly anywhere, meaning you can interact with it in an almost invisible fashion.

This also implies a great level of interconnectivity between hardware, probably better known as the Internet of Things.

Here's an example: using AI, your smartphone figures out your sleep cycles and automatically sets your alarm, which in turn is connected to the smart lights in your bedroom so they turn on the moment you wake up. t's a seamless integration of technology in our environment, and so far we feel like we've just scratched the surface of what could be possible.

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