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Many, if not most, online stores have what's called a recommender system. It basically works as a visual nudge to alert customers of other items they might be interested in.

One that works surprisingly well, I might add.

At one point, 35% of Amazon's revenue was generated by its recommendation engine.

I quite like these systems because of their flexibility. Depending on how rich your data is and what kind of products you're selling, you can get one of these up and running with minimal investment.

Just think of all the different kinds of angles you can play:

✨ "Recommended For You"

✨ "Recently Viewed Items"

✨ "Useful Accessories"

✨ "Customers Also Bought"

✨ "Best Selling Items"

As with most things though, your recommender system will need a ton of testing and feedback to get it right.

Amazon is still researching their own algorithms on the daily, looking for ways to add more layers of intricacies for even more personalized recommendations.

In true MVP-spirit, we'd hoped for Shopify to support similar functionalities right out of the box, but luckily there are other low-code alternatives you can try out.

We personally like Recombee quite a bit.

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