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These days it's all about offering hyper-personalized shopping experiences in ecommerce, but how does this trend fit in the grand scheme of things? Does it really outweigh just putting everything up on Amazon, or Coolblue? The answer depends on how much you'd like to grow.

If you're an individual seller or a tiny business, sure; an #aggregator will make the whole ordeal hassle-free and you won't have to worry about attracting customers. But here's the catch: there's no way for you to stand out as a brand on Amazon, for instance. And the competition on these online marketplaces is as stiff as your quads after leg day. So don't expect to build a huge brand with this way of working.

And, you cannot interface with your users directly, which is probably the greatest advantage a platform like Shopify has. It's called a platform because your own business sits on top of it, rather than you acting as a mere supplier for an aggregator.

You are in full control of your shopping experience, which means the possibilities to tie people to your brand and turn them into champions, are almost endless!

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