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Shaping and growing a D2C pet food brand.

Our partnership with Edgard & Cooper began nearly two years ago. To this day, we’ve been in cahoots to further elevate the brand and customer experience. Here’s the full story.
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The origin

Two friends, two good boys, and one shocking discovery.

Once upon a time, there were two college friends, Louis and Koen. They noticed their dogs, Edgard and Cooper, didn’t seem very pleased, nor healthy, with regular store-bought kibble. A quick study of the ingredient labels revealed an uncomfortable truth: this stuff wasn’t very healthy at all.
their mission

Offering fresh, sustainable kibble catered to your pet’s needs.

Having raised $26 million in funding, Edgard & Cooper is now one of Europe’s pioneers in offering fresh pet food alternatives. These guys decided to move away from mass-produced kibble, and instead opted for fresh ingredients and a more sustainable approach. And boy, did it pay off!
first contact

A strong brand in need of an even stronger ecommerce store.

Back in 2018, when both Edgard & Cooper and Bothrs were still small fish, the Pet Food Boys came knocking at our door with a challenge. They wanted to establish themselves as a strong D2C brand, but their initial ecommerce platform and infrastructure was holding them back.

Escaping the “Agency Black Box”

Bothrs wasn’t the first creative bunch to help out. Edgard & Cooper first signed up with a more traditional agency. However, it quickly became clear they wanted a fast-paced and iterative approach, with a strong sense of co-creation. Their genius creative director had to be working directly alongside our team. Can you guess what we’re all about?

Keep your friends close, and your teams closer.

Our goal has always been getting the right shit done, quick. This kind of mentality necessitates a very closely-knit collaboration process between the two teams. We prefer not having to jump a thousand hoops to get from point A to B, we’d rather work directly alongside the client’s team.
The process

An iterative approach as a foundation for partnerships.

Instead of endless timelines, we prefer short development cycles to continuously iterate on an MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. This is about focusing your efforts on a small feature set to then test it with real people. The goal is to validate the most important assumptions about this feature set, use customer feedback and analytics as input for the next cycle.
mvp #1

Building an ecommerce platform that embraces their powerful brand.

💭 Challenge:
How can we help establish Edgard & Cooper as a direct-to-consumer brand, with a relentless focus on customer experience?
Total duration:
4 weeks
  • •   Define long-term goals based on Edgard & Cooper’s online revenue.
  • •   Map, sketch, and plot the solution onto a storyboard to secure the scope.
  • •   Design a visual prototype of the store and marketing pages in Figma.
  • •   Test the prototype with 5 of Edgard & Cooper’s prospects.
  • •   Turning the final design into HTML & CSS code using Webflow.
  • •   Collaborate with Edgard & Cooper’s illustrator to create visual assets.
  • •   Implement the custom design into Shopify using Liquid.
  • •   Simplifying product pages and checkout flows to reduce friction.
  • •   Yielded a 44% increase in revenue after launching the new store.
  • •   Conversion rate somewhat disappointing, to be tackled next.
  • •   Prospects might be hesitant still to try alternative pet food.
MVP #1

Exploring the story of
Edgard & Cooper.

There’s been an ongoing trend where pets become more and more humanized, meaning personalized care, or nutrition in this case, is important to people. And Edgard & Cooper’s environmental efforts are just the cherry on top.
MVP #1

Shop pet food catered to the needs of your four-legged friend.

Not having to scan nearly illegible ingredient labels filled with incomprehensible words is a win all around for pet owners. Edgard & Cooper's online store is designed to allow users to quickly adjust filters and find the right kind of kibble for their beloved pet.
mvp #2

Helping customers find the right kind of kibble for their pet.

💭 Challenge:
How can we guide first-time visitors of the Edgard & Cooper online store to the right nutrition options for their pets?
Total duration:
4 weeks
  • •   Deep dive into Edgard & Cooper’s analytics and user behaviour.
  • •   Define goals and experiments based on the most problematic metrics.
  • •   Design a visual prototype of the user guidance flow in Figma.
  • •   Test the prototype with 5 of Edgard & Cooper’s prospects.
  • •   Turning the final design into HTML & CSS code using Webflow.
  • •   Integrate the discovery flow into the Edgard & Cooper website.
  • •   Present matching options to users by using product meta tags.
  • •   100% increase in conversions after having implemented the discovery flow.
  • •   Retention can be an issue, first-time buyers don’t tend to stick around.
MVP #2

Providing first-time visitors with some much-needed direction.

For a niche brand like Edgard & Cooper, it’s important to provide enough clarity to new visitors. Especially with a broad product range that spans kibble, wet food, and snacks for cats and dogs specifically. Which is why we created a conversational-like flow to provide some guidance.
MVP #2

The right kind of nutrition for your favorite four-legged friend.

We deliberately kept the discovery flow as short and simple as possible, keeping it in line with the rest of the brand. The flow does take allergies, preferences and age into account, making sure the eventual recommendations are on point.
mvp #3

Building a customer loyalty hub to improve retention.

💭 Challenge:
How can we help Edgard & Cooper stay top-of-mind with its customers, and incentivize them to keep coming back?
Total duration:
4 weeks
  • •   Ideate, and map out the reward system and perks.
  • •   Utilize the “Hook” model to facilitate habit-formation.
  • •   Design a visual prototype of loyalty hub and its rewards.
  • •   Test the prototype with 5 of Edgard & Cooper’s prospects.
  • •   Turning the final design into HTML & CSS code using Webflow.
  • •   Implement the custom design into Shopify using Liquid.
  • •   Integrate the LoyaltyLion and Esign plug-ins to tie things up in the back end.
  • •   38% increase in customer retention compared to the same month last year.
  • •   9,6% increase in average order value, compared to the same month last year.
MVP #3

Allowing customers to collect points by completing actions.

Customers can acquire points, or belly rubs in this case, by completing certain actions on the Edgard & Cooper website. Think of it like a progress tracker when you’re attempting the heinous task of completing your profile on a social media platform, but with 95% less data mining.
MVP #3

Letting customers choose a
reward to their own liking.

Upon gathering enough points, Edgard & Cooper customers can choose a type of reward to their liking. They can either opt for a discount for their next purchase, making a small donation towards dog shelters, or planting a tree. A little something for everybody!
MVP #...

And here we are today. What's next?

Edgard & Cooper have grown substantially over the past two years. So much so they've invested heavily in creating their own cross-functional teams to tackle challenges the same way we do. But are we still in cahoots together? For sure, so keep an eye out for the next iteration!

It’s been a wild ride, but nothing we can’t handle.

Here’s a brief overview of everything we’ve thought of together, designed together, and brought to life together. Isn’t this nice?

The numbers are in, and they’re looking pretty good.

Here’s a brief overview of everything we’ve thought of together,
designed together, and brought to life together. Isn’t that nice?



Increase in online revenue



Increase in retention rate



Increase in average order value

“We’re like two peas in a pod, it’s why we keep coming back.”

“I feel like Edgard & Cooper and Bothrs are two very like-minded entities. We’re both strong believers of getting something out the door as quickly as possible so we can learn what works and what doesn’t a lot sooner. Their people-centric mindset about products, and their level of involvement with the project is why we’ll keep working together in the future.
Wouter Baert
Digital Lead at Edgard & Cooper
Doors, Arms, Whatever, they’re all open

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