Juice up core KPI's of your Ecommerce.

Distinguishing yourself online is no easy feat. The best way to do it is by delivering the best possible shopping experience to your customers, delighting them at every turn. We can help you go the distance.

Things could be better, but where to look?

Why is my retention so bad? I need to figure out how to convert more people. Are my ads even working, at all? Why are so many people abandoning their carts? I need a different tactic than just coupons, but what? How do I even figure out what the next move is? We'll help you figure it out, and then fix it.

Working in agile sprint cycles to get you where you need to be, faster.

Instead of endless roadmaps, we prefer short development cycles to continuously iterate on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Each cycle is comprised of a strategy, execution, and learning phase. When creating a new online shopping experience from scratch, here’s what that would look like.
We help you


  • Completed service blueprint
  • Feature design prototype
  • User interviews
  • Future architecture map
Validated store concept
We help you


  • Custom front end design
  • Back-end integration
  • Analytics setup
  • Weekly demos
Live, new features
We help you


  • Analytics interpreting
  • Customer journey inspection
  • Product growth consulting
  • Backlog creation
Action plan for the next MVP

Here’s what you get after four weeks.

Once your first trip through this cycle is complete, your updated e-commerce platform is live, a fresh inflow of customers taken care of, and analytics all set up. Let’s repeat that, but with bullet points this time:
  • Uncovered pain points in your customer journey
  • Improved UX/UI, or additional features
  • Back end integrations
  • Real user feedback, weekly demos
  • Optimized advertising campaigns

Hold on, what about marketing?

Marketing is a huge part of e-commerce. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Strarex, a full-service strategic marketing agency. They can help you fine-tune your marketing plan, learn more about your target audience, and optimise your online advertising campaigns to keep people coming in, and coming back.
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Lastly, here are some benefits of working with us.

Faster time to market

Shorter development cycles means more results, faster. Taking things a step at a time to avoid making big missteps in the future.


Being fast means being agile. This means having a small, cross-functional team that integrates seamlessly with yours.


We've got everything time boxed down to the minute, and never stray off course. Our process is what makes us consistent.

Challenging environment

Let it be known we're not a bunch of yes-men. We'll keep challenging you to build what makes the most sense for your business, together.

Pro-active collaboration

Alignment drives progress, so expect an intimate, no-nonsense approach to collaboration. No, not that kind of intimate.

User-centric approach

There's no point in building something people don't want. Which is why we always involve your end users every step of the way.

Before you go, check out our essential UX checklist for ecommerce stores.

Want to do some exploring yourself? Looking for some inspiration? Our validated checklist contains dozens of actionable insights and features you can implement to improve your shopping experience. It’s free knowledge, really.

Don’t hesitate to hit us up if you’d like to know more!