We build conversational experiences.

Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, or ecommerce, voice assistants and chatbots can scale your business in ways you haven’t yet imagined.
Here’s why you should care 🤔

There’s more to this than meets the eye.

Instant messaging has become the norm. Millennials would rather send a text than make a call, that’s just how it is. Nowadays you can really supercharge your chatbots as well, making them a very valuable asset in your company’s communication and support toolkit.

Are real humans unable to get back to people fast enough?

This should come as no surprise.

People need time to process information and think of a useful reply, and they need some sleep, too, once in a while.

What chatbots bring to the table:

Chatbots are like personal assistants on crack; they can be embedded anywhere, they’re always online, and they can reply instantly and accurately. It’s like the girlfriend you’ve always wanted!

Looking to unburden staff and offload loading times tasks?

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

People can get frustrated and worn out over time from having to repeat the same tasks over and over; everybody loses here.

What chatbots bring to the table:

These bad boys help businesses automate simple repetitive tasks that would otherwise take a significant amount of time. Think lead qualification, customer service, on-boarding... You name it, and a bot can handle it.

Want to make things a little more personal, again?

sorry, what was your name again?

Archaic corporate lingo isn’t exactly sexy. More importantly, as a brand, you’re gonna want to get close with your customers.

What chatbots bring to the table:

You can “train” chatbots to appear smarter and more personal. It’s a brilliant opportunity to establish your brand’s personality and tone-of-voice as well, by offering personalized messages or support to customers. That’s how you make an impression!
Everyone wants a piece of the pie 🍰

Chatbot applications across industries.

Your personal health companion.

Created by doctors, scientists, and industry pioneers to bring the future of personalized health to everyone. Ada’s core system connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help all people actively manage their health and medical professionals to deliver effective care.

A personal stylist for your next outfit.

Have a quick chat with H&M’s personal stylist bot on Kik! Bring up a piece of clothing, and the bot will build an outfit around it, just for you. Anything from joggers and jeans to tops and shirts… The stylist bot has got you covered.
How we helped Dreamland go conversational

A mobile insurance and billing guide.

Navigating the insurance business is no easy task, for anyone, really. GEICO’s virtual assistant, Kate, lets clients inquire about policy coverages, view billing information and find answers, faster. Kinda like a personal tour guide for GEICO.
We built an insurance buddy for Belfius!

News media becoming a real conversation.

One of the largest broadcasting companies out there, is now also looking to conversational technologies to experiment with new programmes, features, and experiences. 'Beeb' will be compatible with all all smart speakers and televisions.
But wait, there’s more

Take your conversational buddy to the next level.

Integrate & orchestrate

Easy to integrate with multiple patforms. Get your messages all in one system.

Connect to your systems

From bots and sentiment analyzers to stock management systems and surveys, build an ecosystem of apps on top your chatbot.

Bot-to-human handoffs

Easily enable bot-human handoffs within your software, regardless of the ticketing system you’re using.

Make your bots smarter

We make sure it’s easy to improve the conversational intelligence of your bots by leveraging insights from third-party analytics tools.

Not trying to be funny, but let’s have a chat about chatbots.

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