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Bots are able to interact with a user in a more personalised way. The frictionless experience is designed around the user, without the need to install an app.

"What people really want are integrated tools that make it easier to do regular tasks in a comfortable and familiar place: Within a conversation."

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Adoption + retention

Since there's no need to install an app, the adoption rate of bots is a lot higher than the adoption rate of apps. Bots come with out of the box retargeting, which grows the engagement of your clients.

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Intelligent platforms

We try to make our bots so that they constantly provide a lot of relevant information that lets users achieve their goal in response to a simple query. That's at the root of why we consider our services to be intelligent. We focus on creating intelligent platforms that solve real world problems.

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Your personal gift assistant. A whitelabeled E-commerce bot.

Study Buddy

The students best friend.

Harry - Recruiter Bot

The virtual recruiter.


Creating awareness around burnout and mental health problems.

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I'm passionate about everything on the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. I'm a techno-optimist.

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I'm passionate about the rise of new technologies and using them to improve customer experience. Where people meet technology!