A new process to gain and maintain momentum.

Designing and developing native applications should be exciting, inspiring, and satisfying to both you and your end users. Sadly, the road to the app store is often long, arduous, and frustrating.

Have you ever been faced with any of these issues?

😭 My team is struggling with budgets and deadlines.

😭 There's too much room for arbitrary discussions.

😭 Our application isn't doing what we hoped it would.

And it can get worse; some projects never even get past the idea stage, let alone see the light of day.

But the thing is, everything we just mentioned are merely symptoms of larger, systemic issues. Because we know people can do better, it's organizational structures and the way of working that's holding them back. The solution is really as simple as a new process for designing and developing digital products. And that's what this webinar is all about.

You'll learn:

😍 How to properly prioritize challenges and define solutions.

😍 How to make sure you're building the right thing from the start.

😍 How to align design and development teams.

😍 How to speed up your development cycles.

😍 How to decide whether to keep development in-house or not.

Solving these 5 challenges will take care of these surface-level issues we mentioned before, just watch.

Josephine Deproost, one of our veteran product managers, will take you through two real-world projects of ours to demonstrate just how fast you can strategize, design, build, and launch applications without losing any momentum.

Think of it as a juicy look behind the scenes: get to know the process and methodology that empowers our teams to keep delivering effective apps at breakneck speeds.

By the end of this webinar, you'll have a clear-cut answer to all of the above-mentioned challenges.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020


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