Process and mindset as key drivers for innovation and growth.

It's safe to assume that bringing change or innovation is no small feat, no matter the scale. The road to a finished feature, campaign, or full-fledged ecommerce platform is arduous and bumpy. As obvious as it may sound, it's really as simple as having a plan ready for every scenario. And by plan, we mean a handful of processes and key ideas you need to stick to.

What those are, you'll learn during this webinar.

Gil Nimmegeers, co-founder of Bothrs, will take you through a couple ecommerce projects of ours that yielded great results. We're talking implementing a loyalty hub to improve retention, creating a conversational experience to reduce choice fatigue, and split-testing new marketing pages to increase conversions. The overarching goal here is always about increasing the lifetime value of customers.

Obviously those ideas didn't come out of nowhere. For each project, we'd dedicated a lot of time getting the involved teams aligned from the start, validating key ideas before development had even begun, and we didn't shy away from using no-code tools to quickly build and test a minimum viable product. That's really the secret sauce for rapid change; a fixed process that enables it.

If you're active in an ecommerce business, have you been asking yourself any of these questions lately?

😢 Something's going wrong, but where the heck is the problem even located?

😢 My team has some strong opinions, but how do we agree on what to tackle first?

😢 We know we have to do something specific, how do we figure out if it's the right call?

😢 Developing anything takes way too long for us, how can we speed things up?

If so, you'll really want to sign up for this one, because we have clear-cut answers to all of those questions. No consultancy guru mumbo jumbo here either; tangible, time-boxed processes, a clear mindset and close collaboration are sufficient to create impactful ecommerce solutions in a matter of weeks, not months.

Sign up to learn all about it!


Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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