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What Bothrs is about:

Bothrs is a digital product studio located in Ghent. We're a tightly-knit group of strategists, designers, and developers who bridge the gap between thinking and doing for our clients. Several independent, cross-functional product teams are working in parallel to build web-based or native solutions. From large corporations like Belfius to exciting brands like Edgard & Cooper, we help these companies go to market faster and grow their business.

The keyword here is “impact”. Both for our clients, and for the people working on all these cool projects. We do this by quite literally focusing on creating focus. Clear outcomes each week, one project at a time, no distractions. Beyond that, you can expect a dynamic environment filled with young and ambitious people, as well as lots of project variety and room for R&D and personal growth. If you want to really expand or deepen your skill set, this is the place to be. Also, no timesheets. We believe everyone has their own rhythm, and expectations are managed accordingly.

Who we're looking for:

Let's talk specifics. We’re looking for a Digital Marketer. You will be working closely with our content lead, our sales people, as well as the strategy team to support the demand generation and lead capturing at Bothrs. Either via one-to-many communication or targeted ABM campaigns. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Developing an understanding of key customer needs and competitor insights to support development of future capabilities or consulting products.
  • Refining our buyer journeys and tactical marketing plan to support our inbound marketing efforts.
  • Co-creating and implementing Bothrs’ ABM strategy. Your goal is to maximize effectiveness and efficiency across all channels on a level of content distribution.
  • Based on the marketing goals, setting up advertising campaigns (SEO, SEA, LinkedIn Ads, PR articles) and warm-up and activation plays (such as webinars, podcasts).
  • Always testing and developing new tactics with the sales & marketing team to further diversify our approach to marketing: A/B testing, optimize CPA, new experiments and tactics.
  • Defining and implementing flows regarding lead nurturing campaigns, warm-up or activation plays, email sequences, and lead scoring (in Hubspot)
  • Reflecting on campaigns through weekly and monthly reporting and KPI dashboards, and sharing them with the team.

What you'll need:

Ideally, we're looking for a digital-first marketer with 3-4 years work experience in a high-ticket, B2B organization. Experience in sales and business development is a plus. Either way, it shouldn't be your first time building a marketing campaign. If you’re unsure about any other qualifications, here are some skills that will definitely help you land the job:

  • You understand what it takes to bring in high-ticket B2B sales; you have a strong sense of what the buying journey looks like, as well as how demand generation works.
  • You understand how to implement ABM as part of your go-to-market strategy based on our current ICPs.
  • You know your way around a CRM, preferably Hubspot. You can set up workflows, enrich data, score leads, and create KPI dashboards.
  • You like to work hands-on, you're creative, and you love to experiment. You're analytical, and prefer to make decisions based on data rather than hunches.
  • You know what conversion-focused, persuasive copywriting looks like, as well as how content maps to the buying journey.
  • You're capable of managing a temporary team of people around a project and manage the success of the various marketing campaigns.
  • Interest and experience with copywriting skills is a plus; we have a dedicated copywriter in the marketing team for large content items but more support on that role is welcome.

Think we might be a match? Hit us up at and let’s talk.

Does this sound like you?
  • Where
    Ghent, Belgium
  • What
    Digital Marketer
  • Commitment
    Full-Time Position

Good to know:

  • 🎯
    We focus on creating focus
    Nobody can be productive with a completely fragmented schedule. That's why our teams create full weeks of focus, dedicated to a single project, goal, or outcome. We only do things that matter.
  • 💪
    Small teams, huge individual impact
    Each product team at Bothrs has like, 5 people in it, tops. And they get to collaborate directly with clients. We're actually building and launching stuff instead of getting involved with politics.
  • 🥇
    We leave room for personal growth
    Becoming the best version of yourself at Bothrs is a two-way street. That's why we invest hundreds of thousands each year into courses, coaching, and internal R&D weeks.
  • 🎛
    Staying mindful about workloads
    A fast-paced environment sounds almost synonymous with a poor work-life balance. But we've learned that longer hours don't equate to better results, so we steer clear of overtime.
  • 🥰
    A group of caring, like-minded people
    Everyone around here is equally passionate, perfectionistic, and horny for efficiency. Our culture revolves around improving people's quality of life, and that includes our own teams.
  • 🎤
    Radically candid feedback, always
    Proper collaboration means everyone provides and receives feedback that is honest and constructive. Even our own clients may have their ideas challenged by us.

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