Providing continuous care and patient empowerment through a virtual hospital experience.

AZ Maria Middelares is an innovative, Belgian hospital. Their main goal is to systematically elevate the patient experience and clinical outcomes. The next step in this journey, is to deliver continuous care to patients by means of a digital patient platform, no matter when or where.

"Our goal with MijnZiekenhuis, is to become a health and care partner for everyone; the patient experience is the main focal point of this project. Through this digital front door, the right information will land on the right spot easier. This allows medical personnel to focus on what matters most–providing compassionate care! Together with Bothrs and Healthblocks, we were able to realize promising first iterations of a future-proof, omnichannel patient platform."

Jolien Vanden Berghe

Project Manager AZ Maria Middelares

The challenge

The patient experience in most hospitals is physical in nature. From consultations and monitoring, to therapy and treatment. This inadvertently makes hospital care less accessible, and it can be difficult for patients to stay on top their health journey. However, advancements in digital health are reversing this effect: through patient platforms, we can now empower and care for patients wherever they are, at any time. With that in mind, we set out to build Belgium's first virtual hospital, together.

One application, three layers

Building future-proof digital health solutions requires flexibility and tons of niche expertise. So instead of attempting to build everything themselves, AZ Maria Middelares opted for a more composable approach. By bringing together best-of-breed solutions, with Bothrs as the main service partner, they were able to gain momentum early.


Strategy, design, and development of the application

Front End


Application services and simple patient journeys

Back End


Database and EHR platform for hospital services


The health app that accompanies you at all times

The first two iterations of the app each mark one giant leap towards building AZ Maria Middelares' digital front door to care: supporting patients at every stage of their journey, wherever they are. Here's what MijnZiekenhuis can do so far:

Keep an intuitive and secure schedule

Secure your account using itsme and book your appointments quickly and seamlessly through the app. What's more is that appointments can be managed by the patient as well.

Always know what lies ahead

Stay on top of your schedule at all times with a personal agenda. Get an overview of all your appointments and tasks, and get notified when you have something to do.

Stay on top of your health journey

We ask the right questions at the right time and monitor your health throughout your journey, whether that's before, during, or after care. This data then gets reviewed by your physician or nurse.

Light and accessible branding

Accessibility is key, meaning we can't let the app's design be too distracting, but it should still evoke a sense of playfulness, and not make things look too sterile.

"I'd like to extend my thanks to the Bothrs and Healthblocks team for successfully completing the first iterations in such a short timeframe. From strategy to design and development, they've connected all the dots. I'm looking forward to the next developments and seeing the reactions of our patients."

Peter Dierickx

CTO AZ Maria Middelares

Small steps, big impact

Our goal is to keep iterating on the product in short cycles, adding value incrementally. This allows us to stay close to patients and gather enough data to inform our next steps.

Meet our team

A single, multidisciplinary team responsible for validating prototypes, designing interfaces, developing the front and back end, hosting demo sessions every week... It doesn't take an army, you know.

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Elien Somlai
Product Manager
Emma Martens
Product Designer
Cédric Van de Walle
Fabian Meul
Thomas Châtel
Product Strategist

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Gil Nimmegeers
Co-founder Bothrs
Client partner AZ Maria Middelares
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