A brand-new banking
experience brought to the public in just 15 months.

Here's how it's done
Inspired by Proximus
Powered by Belfius

Sprouted from a fruitful partnership between Belfius & Proximus, Banx is a brand-new online banking experience with a strong focus on sustainability. A digital banking ecosystem for the future, if you will. Users can monitor the impact of their expenses on the planet, while at the same time being nudged to make more environmentally conscious purchases.  What's not to like?

Sharon Balog
Head of Banx at Proximus

"The digital age has given us access to products and services from all over the world. This reality is also a cause for environmental concern, however. Banx encourages people to shop locally and re-evaluate the sustainability of their spending habits."

Award-winning design

The Banx design system is largely based on the Belfius mobile application, awarded as the Best Digital Bank - Belgium 2020. But that didn't stop the team from experimenting with flows and ideas, taking the user experience to an even higher level.

15 months later

Fusing together the individual expertise of Belfius and Proximus respectively, a cross-functional product team was born. Through clever organization and process, the Banx team managed to build an entirely new banking experience in a little over a year.

The Banx experience
in a nutshell

Investing in the future of the planet

Banx users have access to a personalized CO₂ dashboard, that gauges the carbon footprint of their expenses. At the core of this dashboard is the Åland Index, a mechanism that calculates the CO₂ emissions associated with each expense, at a category level.

For the development of this CO₂ dashboard, Proximus has partnered with the Swedish company Doconomy, a leading provider of impact data.

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Using Banx is a reward in itself

Every time someone uses any of Banx’ services, they’ll receive points that can be exchanged for rewards. Think discounts on sustainable fashion, renewable energy, all the way to organic pet food. Banx has achieved this by opening up their platform, and partnering with local, sustainable companies

For the development of the rewards program, Belfius has enlisted Bothrs to facilitate the process of designing, testing, and developing flows and features.

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An eco-friendly ecosystem

These partners are the driving force behind Banx’ mission for sustainable banking, as they are responsible for providing the rewards to Banx users. And this is only the beginning...

Izzy Van Aelst
Head of Banx at Belfius

"Banx starts with convenience; customer onboarding takes less than five minutes, and it’s even easier to sign up your friends. Additionally, people are rewarded for their transactions and other choices they make. Our goal is to create an environmentally conscious mindset, while supporting local, sustainable businesses at the same time.”

It’s time for you to discover Banx, don’t you think?

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Gil Nimmegeers
Co-founder Bothrs
Client partner Belfius