My Cancer Companion

A holistic solution for living longer and better with cancer.
A passion project by Dr. Eric Lim
Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the Royal Bromptom Hospital in London, UK
Evidently, living with lung cancer or mesothelioma is an arduous challenge. For these patients, continuous empowerment, support, and education is vital. But the reality is that traditional healthcare tends to fall short here. Many patients feel as though they are on their own once they leave the hospital. But not on Dr. Lim's watch–with his team and our help, we've created a native application to guide and educate patients wherever they are.

An accessible design system

Made with supportive colors, a comforting font and accessible guidance features for all users. Less is definitely more here.

Empowering patients to take charge of their cancer journey

Symptom tracking
Enabling patients to log their symptoms and see their progression, as well as share them with HCPs to optimize care.
Care planning
Letting patients keep an overview of their appointments in one place, so they can easily stay on top of things and feel more in control.
Personalized learning
Offering patients tailored, educational articles from the world’s foremost cancer experts, to help them better understand their condition and therapy.
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A logic engine to open up a world of possibilities

The hardest part was translating Dr. Lim's own expertise, knowledge and experience to the logic engine, the brain of the application. Not only does it heavily personalize the patient experience, it also harbors bountiful opportunities for HCPs. For instance, they can look for drug interactions, specify educational needs for specific drugs for a particular patient, recruit eligible patients for clinical trials...
"The engine is incredibly powerful. But what really makes a difference, is that your team has made it super easy-to-use as well. I was expecting there'd be a lot of coding required just to get a dropdown menu going. But even my seven year old—I don't have one but if I did—he'd be able to program an engine rule. That is phenomenal."
Dr. Eric Lim
Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the Royal Bromptom Hospital in London, UK
Built with Expo

Find what you need, instantly

The key objective of virtually any ecommerce application, is enabling users to find what they're looking for as quickly, and frictionless as possible. That's why we've included a dynamic home feed, a flexible search function, sensible categories and a wish list to improve product discoverability.

Instantly informed on what's to come

To improve accessibility, reducing the cognitive load here as much as possible was our objective. Managing appointments is made as simple as it gets. Shout out to Expo, our cross-platform development platform of choice—adding notification reminders for these was a breeze to implement.

Extensive symptom tracking features

Easy symptom logging helps patients be mindful and honest about how their body is reacting. In turn, it provides invaluable insights for caregivers. For instance, the effectiveness of a specific drug for a specific patient. Symptom sharing such as this is set to save thousands of hours of time for HCPs.

Giving patients what they want to know

A last core feature is patient education. We’ve thrown out WebMD and replaced it with peer-reviewed articles and insights written by actual experts in the field, curated by Dr. Lim himself. This helps patients learn what to expect, and update them on their specific treatment.

Meet our team

A single, multidisciplinary team responsible for validating prototypes, designing interfaces, developing the front and back end, hosting demo sessions every week... It doesn't take an army, you know.

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Laura Verstraeten
Product Manager
Jil Lefebvre
Product Designer
Tijs Martens
Thorr Stevens
Masood Talha
Product Strategist

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