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A companion app for puppy parents-to-be. Designed for guidance, built for engagement.

Establishing meaningful relationships with customers, a ubiquitous challenge for organizations everywhere. Offering help and support at scale is no easy feat either. But building a companion app can hit both birds with one stone.

How Might We:
How Might We:
How Might We:
How Might We:
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our approach

Validating critical assumptions about the project, really early.

The only way to build successful digital products, is by involving your end users as early in the process as possible. In our case, we ran a handful of user interviews immediately after we've turned concept sketches into a clickable prototype in Figma. This all takes place during a week-long workshop, called a design sprint.

Confirming desirability before kicking off development.

However, to validate the product/market fit, we need more data. In the following week, we then set up a smoke test: A custom landing page designed to gauge people's interest in the application. And these were the results after a couple weeks:


unique visitors




conversion rate

Feature highlight

Guiding future pet owners, every step of the way.

A key characteristic of companion apps, is that they offer guidance. Put in a more interactive setting, we decided to tackle this by giving users weekly tasks to complete, and rewarding them for it. This makes users feel accomplished and on top of things. To establish this visually, we relied on a couple techniques borrowed from behavioral science:
Feature highlight
Goal gradient
goal visualization
achievements & Rewards
Feature highlight

Personalizing the app experience as much as possible.

Another vital aspect of successful companion apps is personalization. In the discover tab, users can find content personalized to their wants and needs. For instance, we won't be showing an article on how to house train a terrier dog to a person who just got a golden retriever puppy. Additionally, expert chat is also available to users, should they feel the need.
Hey there, how is puppy doing today?
our people

One multi-disciplinary team to rule them all.

Coordinating with different teams, validating prototypes, designing interfaces, developing the front end, hosting demo sessions every week... It doesn't take an entire army, you know. These are the bright minds that made it all happen in just 8 weeks.
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Laura Verstraeten
Product Manager
Jil Lefebvre
Product Designer
Tijs Martens
Jacco Goris
Josephine Deproost
Product Strategist

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Stef Nimmegeers
Co-founder Bothrs
Client partner Puppy+
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