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for all employees

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Making home charging effortless for employer and employees

Blossom is a game-changing Electric Vehicle home charging solution. The goal? Simplifying and streamlining EV charging for both Employers and Employees, ensuring a hassle-free experience every step of the way.

Say goodbye to onboarding headaches and coordinating with various providers. Blossom centralizes the process, allowing employees to choose their charger, receive quotes, and get paid back effortlessly.


Power up
without worries

Charging at
home in 4 steps

Employees enter their preferences, choose their home charger and receive a quote. All digitally via the Blossom app. All set? Then we take care of the rest.

Keep an overview

Consult all charging sessions smoothly, at home, at work, and on the go. We’ll take care of the monthly reimbursements.

We're here

Take a look at our frequently asked questions or send us a chat message. We’ll be happy to help!

"For the development of Blossom, we were looking for a partner that could translate our own expertise in connected home services into a scalable digital customer experience. Bothrs doesn’t just execute, they act as a strategy-first digital partner throughout the entire development cycle."

Dann Rogge, CEO Blossom

Manage onboarding and charging easily for all employees

From the Blossom platform, you invite your employees. Do you have employees that only need a charging card? No problem! Are they in need of a home charger too? We'll take care of it.

Through the Blossom dashboard, you get an overview of all your employees. Who is in the onboarding phase? Which quotes need approval? Where and when is a Blossom technician coming by? You can see it all at a glance.


A total
overview of
your fleet

“This track is a perfect example why we like working with Bothrs on our corporate venturing tracks as they bring their expertise on (digital) strategic thinking in a high quality and speed to market fashion, ideal for our venture activities.”

Mattias Vanderoost, Vice President New Business Telenet

Composable architecture

To build future-ready digital solutions, we leaned into a strategy of adaptability and specialized knowledge, opting for a composable framework.

This allowed us to swiftly integrate top-tier services, ensuring a robust, scalable infrastructure that's prepared for the evolving tech landscape, without being tied to specific tools.

Strategize, design,
build, learn. Repeat.

We started by mapping out the project strategy and roadmap through workshops with the core team. We set the project goals and defined what success would look like.

We created an effective design system keeping the brand experience cohesive and compelling from day one.

After launching our MVP, we're now refining based on user behavior and feedback, whilst also introducing new features and functionalities.

As a result, Blossom is growing faster than imagined.

On launch day, numerous companies eagerly sought to become customers, acknowledging the challenges they face in onboarding employees.

As of today, hundreds of employees are having their home chargers installed through Blossom, accelerating the electrification of work vehicles.

Blossom aims to transcend mere smart charging, as hinted at in the logo. Beyond charging lies home energy management, a journey we are actively undertaking. Stay tuned!

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Gil Nimmegeers, Co-Founder Bothrs

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