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Put your hands up for the Apple Special Event!

The much anticipated event was initiated by Apple's CEO Tim Cook, who started off with some interesting numbers that Apple has been crunc...

The Apple Special Event, straight from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino

What about them numbers?

The much anticipated event was initiated by Apple's CEO Tim Cook, who started off with some interesting numbers that Apple has been crunching;

  • The App Store now has 500 million weekly visitors, making it the biggest application platform
  • In October 2018, the App Store will celebrate its 10th birthday
  • The Apple Developer community now counts 20 million heads
  • Steve Jobs' Theater seated developers from over 77 countries
  • There are now over 350 thousand apps that were built in Swift

Let's talk devices!

Just like Steve Jobs did, Tim likes to announce Apples new born devices with just the right bells and whistles. This year, we had the opportunity to meet some of the company's newest brainchilds, coming in the following forms:

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

The iPhone Xs, 2018's most anticipated phone. Everyone wanted to know how exactly the groundbreaking followup of the iPhone X was going to look like. As the iPhone X is only celebrating its first birthday, it won't be a surprise that the iPhone Xs looks quite the same when compared to its younger brother. However the device is packing some cool features on board:

  • The iPhone Xs will now come in a gold finish, complementing the devices beautiful layout
  • The cameras on both front and backside are now portrait-enabled
  • The device comes in a 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch version (iPhone Xs Max)
  • The screen's dynamic range is improved by 60%
  • With Gorilla Glass 6, this device is carrying the strongest glass on a phone until now
  • Battery life has improved and the Xs Max carries the biggest battery ever put in an iPhone

iPhone Xr

Remember the iPhone 5C? Well get ready for its equally colourful older brother: the iPhone Xr!

  • The iPhone Xr will come in 6 dashing colours (White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral and Red)
  • The phone (Liquid Retina) shows off with a 6.1 LCD screen
  • Supporting face ID, the Xr means the end of the touch-ID era
  • Just like the Xs, the Xr is built with the A12 chip
  • Battery life has improved compared to the iPhone X

Apple Watch Series 4

Our best friend, from setState({ eyes: 'open' }); to setState({ eyes: 'closed' }); our wrist-based Apple Watch. Now getting a new and improved version with a brand new design. Let's take a look under the hood:

  • A 30% bigger screen (on both sizes, sir yes sir!)
  • More complex complications on the edge-to-edge screen
  • The redesigned crown now serves haptic feedback by its digital design
  • The built-in speaker is 50% louder and the microphone doubled up for noise cancelling
  • Brand spanking new gyroscope and heart-rate monitor
  • Make your very own ECG (coming soon)
  • The 4G function on the Watch is getting closer!

That's four brand new devices, bringing the Apple fans to a whole new all time high. We made sure to pre-order most of the exciting new stuff. Have you?

TLDR: Check out this summarising video

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