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Two Brothers founding Bothrs

Venturing out into the business world is not an easy endeavour, but we had a dream, a passion, and the energy to create something great.

Creating digital experiences for today and tomorrow

Envision. Explore. Experience. Create. Every morning, we wake up to the challenge of the changing tech world, and we decided it was time for us to rise up to it. Fascinated by digital experiences and their impact on modern day society, we knew we wanted to get on board of this hyperloop of epicness. Our vision was to create a place where everyone is continuously excited about creating the best possible digital experiences while exploring the world and learning new skills every day. Did we want this to be a creation of our own? Not necessarily –working for companies with the exact same passion is something we thought about every single day – but in order to attain the goals we set for ourselves, we knew we had to take matters into our own hands. And so Bothrs was born.

Setting Sail for Adventure!

Venturing out into the business world is not an easy endeavour, but we had a dream, a passion, and the energy to create something great. As Uni grads, we started thinking about the future of education and how we could leave our mark on something that helps shape the leaders of tomorrow. What if every student in the world had access to personalised education? What if students were individually counselled and guided to reach their full potential? What if that certain space could be used by students as well as employers, giving students the chance to explore their career options, as well as giving companies all over the world access to the workforce of tomorrow? What if we could be the ones to develop that place that allows people to make those meaningful connections, a place where curious minds come together?

The Brothers

At this point, it’s probably time to tell you a bit more about who this ‘we’ is. We are two brothers from Ghent, passionate about the same things, with different personalities to make it fit in all the right places. We love living an adventurous life, and will never pass up on an opportunity to explore new places and cultures – this curious trait is something we will always strive to apply to our business as much as to our personal lives. We want to impact the digital world, make a change and another one for this generation as well as the next, and we think Bothrs is going to be the way to do that.

Bothrs is an Experience Design Studio, specialising in developing and perfecting bots. We build digital experiences for people to use, and to enjoy while they’re at it. Our focus? Shipping the best Digital Experience possible while impacting the future of digital consumption. Bringing solutions to our signature design sprint, inspired by our digital heroes. We’re ready to be at the forefront of the best digital experience tomorrow has to offer. We hope you’ll be there with us and are excited for your call to start our journey together!

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