The state of audio in digital and ambient user experiences.

Technology is becoming more and more omnipresent, and also less "visible" to the user. Hence, ambient. Voice assistants are a great example of this. This presentation by our strategist Masood Talha looks at the current state of audio in specific, and how companies and brands can leverage it to deliver primo user experiences.

Why ambient?

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't about attracting users with gimmicks or other novelty stuff. The thing is, people love convenience, and you gotta think about how users will (want to) interact with your products or services.

This presentation will get you started in ambient experiences and you'll learn what's possible today, even if you haven't heard of the term before.

Here's what you're getting:

You'll be getting a 30-minute recording of Masood's presentation where he discusses:

✅ Ambient computing as a concept and its history
✅ Use cases for audio in social media, healthcare, and AI
✅ The evolution of platforms and ecosystems
✅ Google's ambient computing vision

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