99% of meetings suck, luckily there's an alternative.

Let's face it, most meetings suck. More often than not it's a huge time and energy sink, with nothing to show for it. So we came up with something better.

Stopping the meeting madness

Meeting culture grows rampant throughout our professional careers, and that's not really a good thing. According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review:

  • 71% of senior managers said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.
  • 64% of senior managers said meetings come at the expense of deep work.
  • 62% of senior managers said meetings fail to bring the team closer together.

Important note, these numbers date back from a pre-pandemic era. You can imagine things haven't gotten much better since.

Indeed, many people experience most meetings as a detractor of their productivity and focus. The biggest issue is that a lot of meetings just aren't that effective. And you know what that means, more meetings!

A better way to do it

If you want streamlined meetings where everyone stays focused, and people aren't (deliberately) wasting each other's time, you're going to want to implement a process that keeps people on their toes, and doesn't leave much wiggle room either. And you also need to do something to prevent people from going comatose during your meeting. Nothing personal, it's just how it is sometimes.

Our answer to this debacle is turning the meeting into a workshop. Since we're all about being agile and stuff, we've dubbed it the Decision Dash.

It's a 60-minute burst of productivity with only one goal: getting shit done.

Now, this is not some kind of dark magic spiel here; you probably won't be able to clear your calendar of any meetings if you've run a single Decision Dash. But what will happen though, is that you'll achieve what you wanted to achieve with your meeting, and it won't require scheduling follow-up meetings. In addition, it also provides:

  • Democratic tools to ensure team alignment.
  • Exercises to define a proper solution and next steps.
  • A timeboxed process to keep people focused.

We run these workshops internally, as well as with clients whenever big decisions need to be made, or w lot of different perspectives to consider.

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