Exploring 10 consumer brands taking a holistic healthcare route.

Personal health and wellbeing have never been valued more by consumers worldwide. All the more reason for businesses to adapt their products in service of creating better health outcomes for their users. This slide deck explores ten consumer brands that have successfully adopted this trend, along with key takeaways and advice for companies looking to get into the healthcare space as well.

The line between consumer goods and health & wellbeing is slowly fading.

  • When growth is what you seek, chances are you need to look outside of your core offering to delight your customers in a more holistic fashion. The post-pandemic world has made it abundantly clear that health and wellbeing is highly valued by consumers. This is something retail businesses in particular can get into.
  • If an organization wants to help people lead healthier and happier lives, they need to become a part of their lives. The first step towards being part of their life’s journey is getting in touch with their changing needs and habits, as well as their goals, dreams and ambitions.
  • We've highlighted ten inspiring companies that thrive on the intersection between the "consumer goods" and the "health and wellbeing" segment. We want to illustrate the potential of this market and our perspective on how to move forward as retail leaders with healthcare ambitions.

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I am amazed at how quickly the work happened and how high quality the work was. The app was almost complete after a couple of weeks, it was pretty amazing.’
— John Zeratsky
Technology designer, startup investor, and bestselling author of Sprint and Make Time
“Basically, they sell speed. Which is one of the biggest needs of corporations today.”
— Dado van Peteghem
Co-founder Duval Union Consulting, Speakerbase & Social Seeder
Bothrs introduced us to design sprints for the revamp of our digital brand and shop environment. In one week we'd defined goals, challenges, inspirations and solutions. We got everyone involved and aligned from the start! We’ve turned months of unstructured, ineffective processes into one intense week of strategy, prototyping and testing.
— Wouter Baert
DTC Manager at Edgard & Cooper