A personal companion app, built to keep users close.

Convincing people to take your supplements is only half the battle, motivating them to stick to the regime is the real challenge. That’s why BioSil joined forces with Healthblocks & Bothrs, to create an app to accompany users along their BioSil journey, and motivating them to maintain a consistent supplement intake.
A personal companion app, built to keep users close.
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What did we do?

Business Strategy
UX/UI Design
User Testing
Front- & Backend Development

What's been bothering them?

Collagen is a fiber protein in the body’s tissues that provides healthy hair, skin, nails and bones. Unfortunately, our collagen production starts to decrease around age 25. That’s where BioSil comes in, a supplement created by Bio Minerals that stimulates the production of collagen. However, results doesn’t happen overnight, so it takes some dedication and patience to take the supplement consistently. BioSil’s challenge, therefore, is how they might support and motivate their users to take their supplements consistently and how they might enable them to see their progress.

How did we fix it?

First of all, we need a way for users to track their supplement intake and be reminded of it. Secondly, users need to be able to track their progress, both in a textual and visual manner. Lastly, we want to offer additional support in the form of expert advice and personalized suggestions. Enter Healthblocks, a platform that takes a modular approach to creating digital health products. Using the pre-built blocks, we were able to create a functional app in no-time. We added the 3 key values of Healtblocks: acquirement through an engaging onboarding, assessment through conversation, and engagement through personalization.

What are the results?

It’s still early days to talk results. Right now, BioSil has just launched their first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the app, testing it with 200 users to see how the app is received and where it can improve. What’s expected, though, is a significant increase in retention of new BioSil users, because of the extra support and guidance through the app. This MVP allows us to quickly test the different types of assessments (textual and visual) and progress tracking methods with actual users.

Design sprint
Execution sprint
Launch sprint
Iteration sprints

What did the process look like?

The very first design sprint was organized remotely, and focused on defining ways to engage and motivate users during their BioSil journey. Once that was settled, the Healthblocks system was used to construct an app that embodied all these features. After that, it was time to get busy. We built the BioSil app in 6 consecutive agile sprints, combining the Healthblocks with custom components such as an assessment that requires uploading photos, as well as a visual diary.

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Here’s what the final product can do!

A virtual companion to guide and motivate users in taking their BioSil supplements consistently by enabling them to track their progress textually and visually.

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Dynamic assessments to track your progress.

Previously, BioSil users had no real clue what progress was supposed to look like or when to expect to see changes. Through recurring assessments that include both questions and photos taken by users, they can now create a personal overview of their journey, and see how they are progressing. Expert annotations on images empowers them to gain deeper insights in the benefits of BioSil.

Smart Dock And Yard Management Software

Supplement reminders and trackers to help create a routine.

A consistent supplement intake is required to make any progress to begin with. Consistent intake means twice a day, for at least 2 to 3 months. Helpful reminders and a frictionless tracking system enable users to create a routine they can stick to.

Thanks to Healthblocks we can finally establish 1-to-1 relationships with our patients.

It's been a crucial step in our journey to offer coaching as a part of our offering. If you've ever had a coach, you know the impact they can have on your life.

Erlend Debast - CXO at Bio Minerals

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