A fun and engaging loyalty program to increase retention.

They say keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. As far as ecommerce goes, you’re gonna want to keep your customers even closer than that. Edgard & Cooper wanted to focus more on increasing the lifetime value of already existing customers; to drive growth for their ecommerce platform. Here’s what we came up with.
A fun and engaging loyalty program to increase retention.
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What did we do?

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What's been bothering them?

Edgard & Cooper, a pet food retailer, had one clear-cut mission in mind coming into this project: lowering the barrier for people to buy their products. They wanted to stay top-of-mind amongst already qualified leads, and keep those people incentivized enough to keep coming back for more. Because the dudes and dudettes over at Edgard & Cooper had noticed a significant drop-off in retention past customers’ fourth purchase. To put things a little more bluntly, they wanted to increase customer retention by 30%.

How did we fix it?

The idea was to turn shopping at Edgard & Cooper into a habit for its current clientele. Thus, our team created an interactive loyalty program to emotionally connect with customers by offering challenges and allowing them to claim rewards for completion. This recurring loop, consisting of a trigger, an action, a reward and investment, is key to creating new habits. The end result was a new visual dashboard embedded within Edgard & Cooper’s Shopify-based platform, in conjunction with Loyalty Lion, a data-driven engagement platform, and Esign.

What are the results?

The data bombs we’re about to drop were gathered by taking the numbers for June 2020 and comparing them with the results of September last year, when the loyalty platform had just went live. So, what about customer retention? Shot up by 38%. The average order value from customers using the platform has increased by 9,6% as well. Mission accomplished!

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What did the process look like?

Edgard & Cooper, that’s the homies; they were one of our first clients ever, back when we helped them redesign their online shopping experience. Naturally, a similar approach ensued for this project. Once the concept had been validated, our team along with Loyalty Lion and Esign, went in execution mode. We translated the conceptual designs into an interactive component embedded into Edgard & Cooper’s Shopify platform. We managed to ship the whole thing in just 4 weeks.

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Here’s what the final product can do!

Behavioral design can be an incredibly powerful asset for your brand and shopping experience. Take a look at the core features of the Edgard & Cooper loyalty program.

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Allow customers to hoard points by completing actions.

The core premise of the platform. Customers can acquire points, or belly rubs in this case, by completing certain actions on the Edgard & Cooper website. Think of it like a progress tracker when you’re attempting the heinous task of completing your profile on a social media platform, but with 95% less data mining.

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Let them choose a reward  that fits their own wants.

Upon gathering enough points, Edgard & Cooper customers can choose a type of reward to their liking. They can either opt for a discount for their next purchase, making a small donation towards dog shelters, or planting a tree. A little something for everybody! Keeping people incentivized to come back is the goal.

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