A digital companion for your e-bike.

Imagine you just bought yourself a fancy new electric bike and you’re about to hit the streets. These bikes don’t exactly run cheap, so a proper level of service should be a given. Bizbike is the application that’ll allow you to leave the house with peace of mind.
A digital companion for your e-bike.
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What did we do?

Business Strategy
UX/UI Design
User Testing

What's been bothering them?

Bizbike is a Belgian bicycle company. They care about their customers and want to offer them a supreme level of customer service before, during and after they have purchased a bike. They have grown tremendously over the past couple of years and are looking to build a scalable support platform that accompanies customers every step of the way.

How did we fix it?

Giving their customers the peace of mind they want, alongside streamlining customer service channels into one hands-on single place of truth, that was the goal. We jumped straight into a design sprint workshop and ideated what that solution should look like. We conceptualized an onboarding flow, a Q&A section, chatbot functionality and DIY troubleshooting flows, as well as an option to book a technician for maintenance, a shop to buy accessories and a fitness tracker and tested which ones made most sense the end users. Whew, safe to say we covered a lot of ground in just 4 days!

What are the results?

After a four day sprint, we ended up with an extensive, high-fidelity prototype that's been validated by real end users at the end of the week. We received some great feedback and gathered a ton of new insights to iterate upon in the next phase of this project. Our value proposition has been validated by end users as well, so now we know which features are essential for a first MVP version of the digital companion.

Design sprint
Execution sprint
Launch sprint
Iteration sprints

What did the process look like?

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Here’s what the final product can do!

As mentioned earlier, the finished product here is a high-fidelity protoype. We designed it using Figma and mimicked user flows to test it with Bizbike's end users.

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Onboarding flows and core functionalities

The moment customers place an order, they're invited to the application where the onboarding flow will begin, and the shipping details are finalized. It's designed to allow for parcel tracking as well! Finally, users are greeted with the eventual home screen. From there, we took on the support and maintenance flows and designed those as well.

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Troubleshooting and support flows

Next up, we designed the bulk of the DIY troubleshooting flows as a semi-conversational experience. For direct questions to customer support, we designed a chat module. Lastly, a first draft of the 'Tips' section was created as well.

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