An e-learning platform for product discovery.

What could be a quick way to thoroughly showcase a new product range to pharmacists and sales people alike? We chose to create a digital learning environment to turn this challenge into an engaging experience.
An e-learning platform for product discovery.
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What did we do?

Business Strategy
UX/UI Design
User Testing
Front- & Backend Development

What's been bothering them?

Perrigo struggled with effectively showcasing their Physiomer product range while also providing in-depth product information, to their audience. It's gotten to the point where it was affecting the sales teams, and even for their customers it's become too much of a hassle to stay on top of things. Make no mistake though, Perrigo has a massive product catalog. It has also questioned whether a digital solution would scale well enough, should they want to increase the product range down the line.

How did we fix it?

The job to be done? Providing an engaging experience to pharmacists and employees, so as to make the discovery of the Physiomer product range a breeze. We've harnessed the strengths of a progressive web app (PWA) to build our foundation, and included interactive elements, such as relevant product videos and quizzes to discover and learn. To tackle the adoption challenge, we added triggers and rewards to the experience. Finally, a chat component was implemented so users could reach out instantly when any other product-related questions arose.

What are the results?

Initial feedback from end users was very positive and the application was deemed engaging enough to learn more about the product range without it feeling like a total chore. This learning application is really just the start of a digital sales journey for Perrigo. Next up is the full implementation of this learning platform into the daily lives of both sales people and pharmacists. More results will be coming in soon...

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Launch sprint
Iteration sprints

What did the process look like?

Moving fast is our trademark, and what allows us to create better experiences, faster, is our process. We've fragmented the entire development cycle into week-long sprints. Short, intense bursts of productivity, with clearly define challenges at the start, weekly stand-ups, rapid prototyping, and repeated user testing. As a nice bonus, it also allows for setting up tailored roadmaps depending on the project and client.

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Here’s what the final product can do!

Smart Dock And Yard Management Software
Smart Dock And Yard Management Software

“We’re very pleased with the results!”

"For the Physiomer speedboat project, we were looking for a web developer who could provide us with structure, speed and expertise as part of our digitization process. We therefore chose to collaborate with Bothrs and are still very convinced that no one else could have done a better job. Thanks to their well-thought-out sprints, they gave us a clear vision, quick results and structure. On top of that they are very driven and pleasant people to work with."

Nele Horion, Account Manager of the Perrigo Medical Team

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